Learn English on Your Terms
Individual program based on your needs and interests

Tired of ineffective 'general English' courses
that are 'good for all', but not for you?
Not any more: we will make all the content specially for you!

We create free personalized self-learning online assignments and suggest highly effective online sessions with a tutor. Language learning has never been more personalized before!
Your topics
There's no such thing as the perfect textbook for everyone. Oppi AI personalizes all materials just for you.
Your pace
Oppi AI automatically adjusts the pace and speed of learning to what works best for you.
Your price
No long-term commitments, no hidden fees: Oppi AI lets you choose between free content and paid live sessions.
How do we teach?
To create individual learning program, we use AI
to automatically generate learning assignments
for you. You will get your self-learning assignments to do online. From the outcomes of your self learning sessions, our AI system will learn
what works for you the best.
AI also suggests live sessions with a teacher if you are ready (but you do not have to take the sessions if you don't want to).
It's easy to start
We learn about your needs
You will have a free session with our teacher who will discuss with you what and how you want to learn.
You get your assignments
You will have access to our online learning system where AI will place your free self-learning assignments.
Sessions with a teacher
You will be practicing the words and grammar you learned on your own. You may have as many sessions as you wish. Or none.

What students say about individual learning
Learn English on You Terms
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