Learning personalization
Learners have individual needs. We, oppi.ai, are developing a system for learning personalization and would like to know what you think about it. Your answers can help shape the next generation of learning tools.
What is learning personalization in practice for you?
How important is learning personalization in your teaching?
If personalization IS important in your teaching, how do you implement it?
Is the way you currently use to implement personalization difficult or time-consuming?
If you use automatic tools for learning personalization, please name them
Could you describe an ideal tool for learning personalization? What should it be able to do? How could it help you? What it should NOT do?
Do you teach individually or in group?
What do you use for teaching?
If you use an LMS (Learning Management System), which one do you use?
What age groups do you teach?
What language levels do you teach?
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