Empowering migrants
Adaptive AI for
job specific language mastery
We empower migrants with language skills and cultural knowledge for seamless integration. Our personalized and effective training breaks communication barriers and opens opportunities, enhancing their personal and professional lives.
We envision a world where every migrant quickly adapts to their new environment through comprehensive language and cultural learning. Oppi AI platform fosters integration and mutual understanding, building inclusive and connected communities.
Language courses tailored to each learner's level, goals, and pace, helping them improve quickly.
24/7 availability on any device. Learn anytime, anywhere, with lessons that adapt to your lifestyle.
Improves the language skills, leading to more efficient communication, safety, integration, and productivity.

Personalized Learning
Convenient Access
Enhanced Communication
Tailored training programs meet specific organizational needs, ensuring language skills are directly applicable to the work environment.
A mobile lifeline for language learning
For migrants
Easier integration into society. Richer, fuller life through language learning. Improved employment opportunities.

For employers
Enhances migrant employees' language skills, boosting engagement, happiness, communication, and productivity.
For schools
Lowers language training costs with scalable tech solutions. Ensures adherence to integration policies, reducing turnover and promoting inclusivity.
With expertise in language education, AI, and social entrepreneurship, we created Oppi Chat to break integration barriers using tech, providing personalized, practical, and culturally aware training accessible 24/7 on any device.
Partnering with employers, educational institutions, and non-profits, Oppi Chat refines its programs to tackle real-world migrant challenges. Its AI-powered technology adapts to users' needs, providing tailored guidance and advice.
Oppi Chat connects migrants, employers, and communities for inclusive, compassionate, and productive collaboration.
Social Integration
Language proficiency.
Cultural understanding.
Economic Contribution
Enhanced employment opportunities.
Employer support: efficiency within a diverse workforce.
Educational Accessibility
Democratized learning: breaking barriers to learning, regardless of location or income.

Oppi Chat’s journey has been driven by a commitment to inclusion and empowerment. It strives to give every migrant a fair chance to integrate into their new communities with confidence and competence, transforming lives while contributing positively to the broader social and economic landscape.
Taras Zagibalov
CEO, founder
Mobile-First & Teacher Interface
Designed for mobile use, enabling learning on-the-go with a dedicated interface for teachers to tailor content and settings.
Speech Technologies & Adaptive Learning
Integrates speech recognition for pronunciation feedback and adaptive learning that personalizes content based on user performance.
Microlearning & Automation
Short, manageable lessons for busy schedules, with automated assignment generation and spaced repetition for an efficient learning cycle.
Progress Tracking
Offers detailed tracking and reporting of learning progress, accessible to both learners and educators for monitoring and enhancing the learning journey.
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